Bats and other animals threw the Silverwing series of books appear to speak English. However they use terms that are not common in every other English dictionary. This is a short dictionary of 'official' terms used in the canonical Silverwing books and 'fandom' terms used in fan fiction and other fan created things.

Official Edit

  • Silverwing = Silver haired bat
  • Brightwing = Eastern red bat
  • Vampyrum Spectrum = Spectral bats or False vampire bats, Vampyrum spectrum is Latin name for these bats.
  • Cama Zotz = Deity and the ruler of the underworld from bat mythology. Worshiped by Vampyrum Spectrum members. It is based on Mayan god of bats worshiped around 16 000 BC.
  • Nocturna = Bat god of night.
  • Chiropter = Early try climbing (rodent?) animal and ancestors of bats.
  • Quetzals = Quetzalcoatlus, a giant pterosaur from late Cretaceous.
  • Felids = Miacis, small feline like, tree climbing creature, ancestors of felines, dogs and bears.
  • Tree-runners = Early primates, possibly Godnia.
  • Saurian = Reptiles, but the term is used to describe dinosaurs.
  • Swamp Saurians = Crocodiles, Aligators and other crocodilians.
  • Equids = Phenacodus, the earliest of the hoofed animals.
  • Soricid = Bisanalveus, small and poisonous shrew-like animal.

Fandom Edit

  • Lesser Tyrant Saurian = Nanotyrannus, small therapod related to Tyrannosaurus.
  • Greater Tyrant Saurian = Tyrannosaurus
  • Ceratin = Ceratopsian, Triceratops or a Torosaurus
  • Hadron = Hadrosaurus
  • New Times = Age of mammals, started in Eocene some 65 million years ago.
  • Old times = Mesozoic period, started in Triassic and ended in Cretaceous some 65 million years ago
  • Times before Time = Every period before Mesozoic.