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Silverwing Bat




Air Regiment


Animal Union




Wisconsin, USA

Private Bud Silverwing is a young German bat of Air Regiment. He was the first bat to ever hear of The Plan. Unlike most of the members of the New Animal Union, Bud did not die. The rest of his regiment did, though.

Early HistoryEdit

Bud Silverwing lived in the state of Wisconsin, although his ancestral ties originate from Germany. He joined Air Regiment while he was still a newborn. By the time Bud was an experienced trooper, his regiment attacked a band of killer cats that had murdered many of the Animal Union. However, an explosion caused by humans during the fight killed everyone, except Bud.

The PlanEdit

The god Fleesh chose the survivor of Air Regiment to be first of The Plan. Bud received Rotor 10 from Fleesh to pick up the undead regiments, including the Tree Bark Regiment. During the flight to the Animal Union headquarters, Bud encountered Shade's ghost. With his special helmet from Fleesh, he could see the ghost that no one else could see. Bud shot the ghost several times with his pistol provided by Fleesh, showing for the first time to some of the Tree Bark Regiment firearms.


As one of the first members of the New Animal Union, Bud has access to almost every piece of new equipment, though he keeps his load light.