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Chased is a small story about bats being killed for sport in Africa.

Chased Edit

The sun warmed his body. But Izin was close to death. A human was chasing him with a simple contraption. It was like a stick with a web on it. Izin went through the pain of seeing his brother killed by a human. Izin had something the humans didn't have, and will probably never have. Flight. He flew towards the golden sun. It felt like he was blind, so he closed his eyes tightly. The human walked away, dissapointed. Why do the humans want to kill us? Izin thought. They are bloodthirsty monsters. Izin remembered who said that. His uncle, who was killed by the humans. It wasn't only his uncle. It was his entire family. Izin was an orphan, a loner. But he was a survivor. Izin rested below the shade of a tree. The humans couldn't see him. They were far away. Izin had to escape, even though it was a long journey. It would take years to get out of this deathtrap, he thought. Africa was a vast land. Izin had no chance to escape. He sighed. He could do nothing about it. Will the humans stop this killing?

Author's note Edit

As this story says, bats are killed for sport in Africa. It's a sad thing. Humans kill bats for no reason whatsoever. Try to make a diffrence. Treat bats fairly. Treat all animals fairly. If you do, God bless you.--Windu223 14:06, 17 March 2009 (UTC)