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Dusk is the main character in the book Darkwing, by Kenneth Oppel. He is a bat living in a world of chiropters, a previous species of bats. Most of Dusk's colony dislikes Dusk because of his strange anatomy. Dusk has much larger chest and shoulder muscles than the chiropters. Also, his sails are furless and he has only two claws. What's most strange about him is his ability to see in the dark through echovision.


Dusk was a newborn on the island full of chiropters that left the mainland. He had unusally strong chest and shoulder muscles, but weak legs. He was the son of the leader, Icaron. He and his sister, Sylph, were Icaron's last children. Dusk was teased by Jib because of his unusal body. Dusk watched the birds frequently, enjoying wathcing them fly. When Icaron took him to the top branch for his first glide, he tried to flap his sails. Later, he recklessly rode a thermal with Sylph. While adventuring, Dusk found a saurian and told Icaron right away. The finding of a saurian caused much panic. Dusk never outgrew his passion to fly. During an attempt to fly, he flew. The birds were bitterly angered about this fact. Later, he saw a bird named Teryx, after having a short conversation with him, Dusk got chased away by Teryx's mother. When the birds killed Jib's cousin, Aelous, Sylph, Jib and another newborn tried to crush bird eggs in revenge. Dusk stopped them by lying that he heard someone coming. Once again, Teryx talked to Dusk to thank him for stopping them. He also warned them that Carnassial and his other felids are coming to eat them. He told Icaron, but he thought the bird was lying. Icaron regretted that thought when the felids ate a quarter of the colony, including his mate, Mistral. When traveling to the mainland to escape the island, birds attacked. However, most of the colony made it to the mainland. Dusk was highly ashamed of Icaron when he declined a new home from Gyrokus. Dusk and his colony stayed with the tree runners, thinking they were freinds, but were just food for a deadly creature. Before Icaron died of his wounds inflicted on by Carnassial, he told Dusk that he destroyed a nest of saurian eggs. After more venturing he met a bat named Chimerea, she told him that he was actually a bat. When meeting Carnassial, Dusk and Sylph found a hatched saurian, and escaped from Carnassial. When the chiropters found a new home, Sylph told him to stay with bats for while. Dusk agreed walked towards the others.