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Fruit Bat




Tear Cave


Zon Vorial Kelxi


Rouge Brightwings, Mace

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Elvere is the main character of Macewing. He is a hard working fruit bat. He has a strong romantic intrest in Kelxi, another fruit bat.

Biography Edit

Elvere was born in Tear Cave's spring. He soon developed a life-long bond of freindship with Zon and Kelxi, two other newborns. Once Elvere was in late childhood, he began to start laboring for the colony. A few years after he started working, he became romantically interested in Kelxi. One night, he had a nightmare, an omen (which was found out later). Elvere discussed this dream with Zon. After Griffin gave his warning about the rouge brightwings attack on Tear Cave, Elvere became ready for war. During the fight, Elvere was abducted by Oyal, one of the brightwing group leaders. He gave Elvere an echo map, and commited suicide. Elvere, although not trusting the now-dead brightwing followed the echo map to find Mace, a substance from hell. When showing his finding to Vorial, his leader became mad because he swallowed an ounce of Mace, becoming possesed by the spice. Elvere shortly brought Vorial back to sanity. Once Vorial's possesion faded away, Elvere explained what happened to Kelxi and Zon. They attempted to destroy the mace, but the trio discovered that it was stolen by an unknown bat. While tracking down the theif, he went into the brightwing camp, and killed Aezen by making the mace consume Aezen. When heading home, he proposed to Kelxi. She agreed and they lived a nice life together.

After the Events of Macewing

Elvere later discovered that Kelxi became pregnant. Shocked, and wondering what to do, he wandered around for two weeks. Eventually, he was driven to insanity, and flew away from the cave, and was captured by brightwings. However, Vorial who was trying to make peace with the brightwings, rescued Elvere and flew away from the camp. Vorial brought Elvere to a stream for mental relaxation and healing. As Elvere was cured of his madness, he was ready to go back to Tear Cave. Upon his arrival, he discoverd that Kelxi gave birth. One of the newbron's resembled Salt, and told him in broken Fruit Bat language, a warning (given by Oyal, found out later). While gathering fruit, wine spelled letters on the dirt. The words were, "Salt Perserves Mace". Elvere went into the nursery after work, and saw that Salt had a gruesome wound. Elvere brought him outside so that he could put an end to what ould happen, as the warning said, but a gang of worker's noticed the words the wine spelled earlier. They attempted to kill Salt, but Elvere protected him, as he had a change of heart.. Eventually, a worker by the name of Amai killed Salt. Elvere killed Amai in revenge, causing the other workers to flee. Elvere brought the body back in, and Salt was given a death ritual.