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Tyrant saurian (Nanotyrannus)








The Pact


Died from age

Survival of the fittest Edit

Hatha hatched from an only surviving egg in the nest, laying at the corpse of her parents. Being a Tyrant saurian chick she was coated in white, creamy feathers who kept her warm. One of the first instincts she explored was hunting. She hunted small mammals, insects and small vertebrates, using all her senses to find, hunt down and eat pray. Unlike mammals, a young Saurian grows fast and soon she sheds feathers from her flanks, stomach and head, leaving is only on the back, neck and the neck. She had couple of close encounters with felids and The Pact, who tried to kill her, but soon she grown even bigger than them, and bigger than the Terror birds who ruled the forest. But she was lonely... only one of her kind she ever saw alive.

Exodus Edit

After realizing that there is none of her kind in the forest, she tried to find them on ridge of the forest. There she meet only mammals, and some did not like her presence one their hunting grounds. Even though Hatha dismisses mammals as dangerous, she knows they we're smart. And soon, a large pack of Hyaenodons ambushed her in the night. She eventually escaped with heavy wounds, and leaving her always afraid of dark. After this attack she moved back to the middle forest, where she felt safe, but even though, she knew that she will never meet anyone of her kin ever.

Living with the bats Edit

On couple of occasions she saw a strange flying creature which sparked her curios nature. Soon she meet in personal with this small, strange, flying beast. He called his kind Early bats, and his name was Raja. Even though she felt hungry watching him, she never ate Raja or any other bat, using a simple excuse that she will never taste a strange and disturbing creature such as he is. She bonded with this small "bat", protecting him on occasions, and teaching him about the deadly, unforgiving forest. However, Raja meet more of his kin-colony of bats living inside a cave on the edge of the lake. There Hatha offered protection as guardian of the "bats", but she was old, very old. She soon died o the edge of the lake, where her bones stayed untouched, gleaming in the sun.