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Leapwing is a story about Dusk documenting about his life with the bats. Unlike my other story, it does not have to do with freaky spice that makes the devil possess you. i hope you all like it!

Prolouge Edit

Rain splashed on the grass, and the dirt was quenching it's thirst from the tears of mother nature. A winged creature was violently shoved on the hard ground, being splattered by rain. The chants of protest and hatred cried at him. Rain poured into the eyes of the winged creature, mixing with his tears, turning the droplets salty. A chiropter rushed into the clearing with a wooden spike, intending to use it on this unatural creature. The wooden spike landed with a thud, but no blood poured on the grass. The winged creature flew into the unknown.

Chapter I Edit


Dusk looked up at the sky.