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Mark of the Old times is Red Raptors poor try to make a poem. Ironically it is from saurian point of view. A Greater tyrant saurian (read: Tyrannosaurus Rex) point of view.

Mark of the Old TimesEdit

Before the Dawn of the New Times came,

There was a world,

A glorious world,

A world I belonged in.

It was in a perfect balance of predator and prey,

We shared it rightfully with other saurians who lived in water, land and sky,

We knew good of the myths,

Myths about Times before Time,

And how it would all they come to an end.

I lived in glory,

Standing tall with a tittle of an Apex predator,

I thought those myths we're made to scare us,

Keep us away from reaching our full glory.

But I was wrong, I was so, so wrong.

As I was hunting a Ceratin, I saw a light in the sky,

A light that burned my eyes,

I felt heat beyond any I have felt before,

As my body fell on the ground, I was lifeless.

The whole world I knew was lifeless,

My world was burned as if nothing lived before it.

The surface was scourged of life, nothing could survive that.

But I was wrong, I was so, so wrong.

Small animal emerged from the black depressing ground,

I saw it before,

It wasn't a saurian,

It was a mammal...