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Note: This is a comedy fanfiction. Another note:There are going to be grammar mistakes and misspellings in this story on purpose. Please don't come to my talk page and whine about me having bad grammar. IT'S A JOKE. Get over it. If you want to read a serious story, read Macewing.

  • Chapter 1

Murk was flying around in the underworld, looking for the tree. Now, Murk here is obsessed with the tree.

Here is an example of Murk talking: THE TREE!!!! TREEEE!!!!!!!!! TREEE!

Now let's get on with the story.

  • THE REAL Chapter 1

Murk was flying around looking for the tree. Over the years in the underworld, Murk became very infamous for being annoying.

He has a bounty on his bat head and is being hunted down by other Vampyrum Spectrums. Murk stopped to rest his "tree-quest" at a local bar. HE saw a few Vampyrums reading newspaper. Now here comes the retarded mispellings. "Heh, it's great that silverwing dork, Windu223 gave us these papers," one sed. "LOLZ" said Murk "Teh u noobz want teh look for the treeee!!! lol!!!!" bUT THEN All of a suddin, a lightningg bult came down and sed, "IZ am Windu223 lolz you do not make fun of mi!" lolz" then merk sed "lolz u r a zilverwing dork!!!!" "shut upz murk u r a noob i cud eraze u from teh story u noobs lolz!! ITZ ova 9000!!!!!!!"""" lol Then, all of the other Vampyrum Spectrums ran out of the bar, freaked Freaked outly? is that even a word. EH, who cares. Anyway, let's get back to Murk. Murk saw a buetiful greeeen annd borwn theng. It waz teh tree! "THE TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" cried Murk. He joyfully entered it... and the tree exploded. That's how Murk died. But he is in the underworld, so he can come back to life.

  • Chapter tWo

Murk was sick of it. He died all the time. HE ALWAYS DIES!!!! "I"M in the undeerworld, i'm dead enough give mi a brake!!!111!!!! Murk tried to go into the tree again...for the 7,000 quadrillionth time. It blew up agin..and reformed. The usual for poor 1 murk.

1: by poor, I mean bat who is in serious need of a hobby.

Then, the tree spurt out a notebook. Murk opened it. "It said: LOLZ!!!!! people nemed MURk can't go 2 teh tre!!! u luzer!!! Murk was very offended. I don't even know he even knows hows to pronounce offended. He can't pronounce "the"!! But then again how can he say, "THE TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" if he can't... eh, what ever. "I Neeed chuck norriz!!!" teh cryied Murk. Tehn a lightnin bult came down and said "U do not speak of chuck nooriz he speaks of u!!!!!" Then Murk was turned to ashes by the lightning bolt. Now I have a question, why are you even reading this story???? I don't think you can take the retardedness anymore! Anyway, let's keep going. Then Murk, (who myteriosly reformed) flew to Vampyrum theatar. "I want 2 direct the mooovieeee!!!1111!!!!1!111!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!" Oh dear.....

  • Chapta treeee (Chapter tree!! get it?)

"O..K merk u can direct a movie" Murk than made a movie in five seconds. Don't even ask how. Murk was energized. He had to much coffee in the directors chair. "Lightz! Camra!! aCTSHUN!!!!11!!" mURK'S "brilliant" movie was a.....Tree. The entire 4-hour long movie was a tree....standing in place. All the bats chased Murk's and blew him up with a tank. "Oh noez!!" said Murk. Murk reformed again. The bats were still chasing him. Then murk had an idea. He went inside the theateer watched teh Exorsist, got freaked out and shoved the angry mob into teh theeeterr!!! The angry mob waz scared to death. "Wowz! I actully haz a braen!!!!"

  • Chapteer fuor

'teh lolz" said murk "U noobz LUZE!!!!!!!! LOL! LOL! Teh lolz!!!!111111!!!!! wduyhfqi!


Lolzuh lol lol!! noobz!! Uhhhh.... will he shut his stupid little bat mouth???? "LOLZZ!!" said Murk "iz want 2 go 2 the treeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"" LOlz!!!!!" Murk was so....happy and so...determined. But then he got sniped by the Vampyrum millitary. Murk died again. "GRaaaghhh!!!!"" "TRREEEa!!3R3211111 sed Murk. "Ka-tree- ka-tree...."TREEEEAAAA!!!!!" Tehn Murk blew up the Vampyrum millitary. "LOLZ!!!! U NOOBZ LOZT!!!!!!!" Murk cryed joyfully. Then a volcano erupted beneath him and killed him. Murk needed a break. He decided to go 2 teh local Wendys fast food reastrauunt. Murk became in love with the burgers there. "wHAT'S THIS lovely berger made of?" aszked Murk. "It's made of trees," the clerk sed casually. "What did you say?" merk asked "Itz made of treesss" replyed the clerk.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I ate a tre!!!!!" Then murk exploded. "Iz well dsave u trees!!!!!!!!!" Murk "rescued" all of the tree-burgers and flew to teh treeee. He placed all of the burgers down nex to the tree. "Rest in peace...tree burgers." he said. Then murk went inside the tree. Then it blew up. Again.

  • Chaptaa fieve

LOLZAH Lol!!! said Murk. "Iz went in2 the treeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!" But then, Murk noticed that he wasn't inside the tree. "NOEZ!!! Why cant I goe Inzide the TREE!!", "Zomebody iz probablee blowing up the tree!!!" "He Muzt explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" cried murk. Then murk heard a bat saying, "Hey i'm gonna blow up tis treeeeeee eerre!!!!!" "O RLY?" said murk. "YA RLY!" the bat replied. '"BECuz i will blow up thiz tre!!!"'''' Then he bleww up that tree. Then Murk notized that the blown up tree wasn't THE tree, it waz a normal tree. But he was still klling the tree's species. "U MuZt die!!! MUAHHHA" GANON!!! Ha ha ha!!!" Then murk blew him up with a cannon. Then it backfired on Murk and he exploded. "WHYZ do i alwayz die!!!!!!!"" asked murk to himzelf.

  • C[[h]]aPtEr six

"UGHHH!Q!!" said Murk "@#%&!!!" he cursed. "IZ LIke teh tree!!!" He dezerved it~!!!!!!!" Muahhahanahahahhaahhah@!!!!!!!!!!,vgui TREEEEEE!!!!!111!!!!11!!!! Murk was mad!!!!!!111!!!11111111!!!!!1 "YOu noobz must explode!!!!111!!!" "U do not no wat it iz like 2 be Murk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "TREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Murk is odd... very odd. I have never mentioned that in this story so far...But you have probably noticed he was. Murk now had a plan to get insid the tree. He put on a tuxedo, learned how to speak with a british accent and said "The name'z Murk...Vampyrum Murk." Then he shot the screen and this music played. Dah nah nah now dah nah nah now!!!111!!!! JAMES BOND!!!!! I mean..Vampyrum Murk...Heeh heh loser...I mean..NOTHING MURK!!! anyway.. So merk shot the tree open and went innside the tree. It didn't explode this time! Murk lived! Murk was in the upper world now frolicing being happy... Then he met this guy. "Uhh....Murk is ruining the upper world for us!!" So the guy kicked murk back into teh underworld, Sparta-style.

Chapter zeven!!111111!!!

Tehn murk screamed. He mizzed hiz upper world. He muzt go inside teh tree!!!! again. "iz mUst go in2 the tre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1111!!!!!!!!!!!!1!! Tyhen he was sko happy that he exploded...again. THen mukr went into the tree again. Then he got pwned by Lou Ferrigno. "GRAWWW!!! TRee!!!!::"" Then murk stasrted shooting lazserz out of his eyez. "LAZAH BEEMZZ!!!!!!!" Then murk shot lasers so much that he blew up. "TRee05943583tierogykiTREE!!11!!!TREE EGGZ!!!srighk4y8ihfdijgjdi!@HUgHIJJCHEEZBURGER!!!TRE!ufhudfhdu!!11!11trEE03R4I" mURK DECSIIDDED 2 give uP and take a break. HE SAW A BUETIFUUL BAT. "SHAKIRA SHakIRA!!" "oH BABY WHEN YOU DANZE LIKE THIEES U MAKE A MURK WANT 2 SPEEK SPANEESH!!!! So sexy,, so nice!! SHATRWWAA!!!. coMASIAMA! si!11111 VANITA? SI! SHATREEA SHatreea!!!!!!!111. Then murk got slapped. <sarcasam>Who expected that?<sarcasm> The slap was so hard that Murk died.

ChAPter ate!

Murk shot a bazooka at the other bat and she exploded. Then bat-man came. "WHy zo sererious??' azsked murk. Then murk blew up batman with an AK-47. "LOL~!!!" cheeered murk, z "U lost@!@!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!" Tehn murk got struck by lightning and got the same disease as Benjamin Button. SO murk became a little tiny murk then died. Murk went into the tree. Then it exploded. Murk's death count so far: 15 "IM DONE!" Murk screamed. Time for a sequel....Oh god.....

Teh eennd!!!!


rETARDED aventureZ of MURK!!!!!!