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Note:This is the non-canon version of Murk in Windu223's stories, not the actual, normal, Murk in Firewing. This is fanfiction.

Murk is teh obviouzly the main character of Murk's Journey and Retarded Adventures of Murk. YAYZ! TEH TREE!! He iz obsessed with teh tree, he's in love ewith the tree, and he diez!! YAY! MURK TREEZ!!!!! Murk gets blown up all day. Quicker than every particle in teh spaze time continuim that traLELZ FaZTEER THAN teh zpeed of light!! (That sentence was made up by Red Raptor.) LoLZ! TREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! TRe! THat's what he likez!! Treezzuh!!!!111!!!111!!!!!