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Chapter one: HomeEdit

The forest gave way to life as he remembered it. The opening of his eyes after the seeming endless torment that was sure to end him, Griffin finally made it home. Sailing throught the forest, his senses re-awakened as the familiar smells and sights, and the presense of the forest. Traling to his side now, Luna approached half a wingspan to his side, dazzled and awestruck to be back too.

"Griffin!" Luna cried out. "We made it home! We made it back home!"

"The tree brought us back!" Griffin replied, in equal excitement adnhappiness.

Tears were streaming down Luna's face, matting the fur around the area. Both of them were laughing, as hard as they possibly could. They streamed over the forest banks, feeling the mist coating their bodies in a sparkling shine and refreshing wave of coolness. The bright moon and natural starlight illuminated the earth beyond comprehension, words that Griffin and Luna couldn't even fathom. There truly was no place like the forest, the home they were born in. Then they hit it. What they sought out to find.

Tree Haven

Chapter two: ReunitedEdit