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'Return, Chiropter is a poem written by a chiropter of the Tree Bark Regiment. It is about the chiropter's point of view of returning from the dead.

Return, ChiropterEdit

I glide far

Falling towards the ground

I feel the wind

I am close to danger

I hit the ground

Away from the monsters

Away from their grinding wheels

Why has it come to this?

I never saw it coming

I should be dead

I should have been lucky

Why must I return

To this world?

A different world

I do not fight

The claws of felids

The teeth of hyaenodons

The claws of owls

I am not fighting saurians

But a more deadly opponent

I saw the treachery in their ancestors

The tree runners

I am not alone

This new world has new allies

All of the animals

Old and new

Are working together

To rid the world

Of these creatures

Then the world will be

Like it was in my time


- Bioniclepluslotr