Vampyrum Spectrum




Cama Zotz's follower


Shade, Marina





Sork is a canibal bat who wants to know all. He is tall and strong, but he is timid. As he was young, Goth was his best friend. They did all together, but Goth believed in Cama Zotz, Sork did it not. Sork is taller than Goth and he could die him with one small attack, but he was too timid. Goth knew that and he won ever argument. Any time, both played together. Throbb wanted to be with them. But this was a fault. Suddenly humans came and kidnapped Goth and Throbb. Sork wanted to help them but is was too late. The Kidnappers caught him away and left him alone.

Meeting with Shade Edit

Lots of times he made plans to deliver his friends at a place far away but as he wanted to save them, he found a little colony of small bats. They looked very exhausted. Of course he was too timid to speak to them and he only watched them. He saw, that some other spectral bats kidnapped them. Any time later the colony went away with some rats. They wanted to save other rats owls and bats. So Sork flew to the pyramid and looked for the colony and its alliance. Into the pyramid there was a big battle and Sork didnt live, because three owls killed him. Into the underworld, Cama Zotz gave him black teeth and he worked into the mine. Once he broke out and went with Shade to the TREE. He said, his name is "Smog".


Firewing Edit

With the couvername "Smog" (his father's name) he helped Shade to come to the TREE.