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The Animal Union is a faction of almost all animals against natural and unnatural opponents to nature. Their purpose is to defend animals against any threats. The Animal Union originated from The Pact. They fought against saurians until felids broke The Pact. From then on, regiments loyal to the Pact defended beats against rogue felids and hyaenadons.

The Old Animal UnionEdit

The name "Animal Union" was not created until more recent days, around the 20th century. The Old Animal Union was still keeping balance to nature. All animals were united now but only the military-styled forces of animals were considered Animal Union members.

The New Animal UnionEdit


A bat with Animal Union equipment.

After the Plan was initiated, the New Animal Union was created. Its purpose was different from the Old Animal Union. It was to protect animals and nature specifically from humans. Fleesh brought all of his best armies from the past back to life, including the Tree Bark Regiment, and God's Regiment. The Old Animal Union joined with the modern forces and were called the New Animal Union.


After resurrecting dead regiments, Fleesh sent Bud Silverwing to pick them up and take them back to the AUHQ, where they were briefed on what was happening. Several recruiter teams left to find modern animals to join the Animal Union. However, one of the Union's helicopters, Rotor-10 was spotted by US Air Force jets. They engaged in a brief dogfight. Rotor-10 lured the jets toward the HQ, where Fleesh took over their jets and Drones captured the pilots.