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Viper is a Vampyrum spectrum. He, like Goth, has a band. He, like Dusk, is different. But he did not live to see Goth's band. He lived to see when Goth was young. Very young. When I say very young, I mean like-you get the point.

History Edit

After his birth, Viper was the biggest Vampyrum spectrum newborn. He was made fun of, causing him to fly away and never come back. He hunted little lizards during his time in the jungle. When Viper was twelve years older, he met Goth. Goth was still somewhat of a newborn. Rembering his time as a newborn, Viper tried to kill Goth, but failed.

Viper and Goth grew into archenemies. Finally, years before Goth gets his band, Viper returns to the Vampyrum spectrum colony, but on a mission. That mission is to kill Goth once and for all. Goth escapes Viper's second try and flys out into the storm. Looking back, Goth saw Viper's size. Finally, after ten minutes, something amazing happens. Viper's left wing is set on fire by lightning and he falls into water. Unable to swim, he drowns. Viper lived a short, unhappy life.

Appearance Edit

Viper's coat of fur, unlike other Vampyrum spectrum, has the usual black, but his head has a red "crest". He, as said before, is larger.